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Consciousness is the creature of Rhythm. Bald and terse as the statement was, I now found it infinitely alluring. At each recurrence it broadened in meaning and deepened in suggestion. Why, here, (I thought) is something upon which to found a philosophy. If consciousness is the product of rhythm all things are conscious, for all have motion, and all motion is rhythmic.
Ambrose Bierce, Moxon’s Master.

Shapeways My Keepon Challenge

We’re working with 3D-fabricator Shapeways to bring you an opportunity to spiff up your My Keepon! The Shapeways My Keepon Challenge invites the designer/hobbyist/DIY community to create accessories (hats, glasses, belts, rocket packs, etc.) for the yellow fellow and to submit them for a chance to win a My Keepon, a Shapeways gift certificate, and a 3D print of the winning design.

Contest announcement and details may be found here.

Update: The winner is alimae’s Catwoman mask.

You can also check out the new BeatBots shop on Shapeways, where you’ll find full-scale and 1/2-scale models of Keepon that you can order printed in full-color sandstone!

We’re happy to report that the My Keepon toy is coming along nicely!

Last week, the website went live with a new music video featuring the toy.

We’ve had wonderfully supportive interviews/coverage from Businessweek, Engadget, CNET Crave, MIT Technology Review, Automaton, Robots Dreams, and Adafruit. And our press release has just gone out on the wire.

My Keepon is available for presale in in the US (where it has made their Fabulous 15 List), and at other retailers around the world.

In other news, My Keepon saw his first public showings at World Maker Faire. Marek carried My Keepon around the Faire to the great delight of fans and Keepon noobs alike. The toy held up wonderfully to the enthusiasm, handling, and loud noise! We also printed mini-Keepons from yellow ABS plastic (with bonus googly eyes) on our MakerBot Thing-O-Matic and gave them to the most excited children (and a few very excited adults).

We’re as excited as you are that My Keepon will be hitting shelves in just a few weeks!

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